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How to care for your rug

area-rug-fringeIf you are considering investing into a new rug, or already own some and wondering how to keep it looking good and in great condition, this is an article for you. We will cover some basics about carpet care and further explain what is rug padding and why you would need one.
There is a plenty of reasons why should someone consider buying rugs and first thing people usually think of them as a way to enhance the look of their home. This is surely a great idea, as you can chose from variety of color, design, material and shape.

Rugs and carpets can also help if your floor is slippery and can protect you from serious injuries. That applies to stairs and specially bathroom as it can prevent slipping after showering. Furthermore, rugs are items that absorb sounds, so if you live in an apartment it is a good idea to cover surfaces where you spend most of your time.

When purchasing a new rug keep the care tag intact for a further reference, it can really save your time (and rug perhaps). Most of the time they can be cotton made and appear washable, but if the care tag recommends dry cleaning it’s perhaps color will bleed and wash out. If it’s safe to machine wash it, put it on delicate settings and preferably in a zipped pillowcase. When storing a rug for a longer time you can have it professionally cleaned. When wet, rugs tend to loose it’s shape if they are hanging over a single clothesline, so be careful about that. You can place it on a wider surfaces and wait till dry.

longlifePadAlso, for more protection and durability you may consider buying a rug pad, a piece of material that is placed under a carpet and extends the life of it. Pad prevents it from pulling and moving around the room, as it can surely drive you crazy. And not only it cares for rug, but floor also, as a pad prevents dye transfer and scratching. Finally, it allows for easier vacuuming afterwards. Only thing you should be careful of is that rug pads are specific to the type of flooring your house has.

Rug pads are easy to take care of and made of very breathable materials, so can be cleaned underneath once a year. Yet it is recommended to clean immediately if a spill occurs. Also, maybe you’ll want to rotate your rugs every once in a while so your floor gets some sunlight, especially it it’s wooden.

If you are considering investing into a new rug, or already own some and wondering how to keep it looking good and in gr...

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