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How to care for your rug

area-rug-fringeIf you are considering investing into a new rug, or already own some and wondering how to keep it looking good and in great condition, this is an article for you. We will cover some basics about carpet care and further explain what is rug padding and why you would need one.
There is a plenty of reasons why should someone consider buying rugs and first thing people usually think of them as a way to enhance the look of their home. This is surely a great idea, as you can chose from variety of color, design, material and shape.

Rugs and carpets can also help if your floor is slippery and can protect you from serious injuries. That applies to stairs and specially bathroom as it can prevent slipping after showering. Furthermore, rugs are items that absorb sounds, so if you live in an apartment it is a good idea to cover surfaces where you spend most of your time.

When purchasing a new rug keep the care tag intact for a further reference, it can really save your time (and rug perhaps). Most of the time they can be cotton made and appear washable, but if the care tag recommends dry cleaning it’s perhaps color will bleed and wash out. If it’s safe to machine wash it, put it on delicate settings and preferably in a zipped pillowcase. When storing a rug for a longer time you can have it professionally cleaned. When wet, rugs tend to loose it’s shape if they are hanging over a single clothesline, so be careful about that. You can place it on a wider surfaces and wait till dry.

longlifePadAlso, for more protection and durability you may consider buying a rug pad, a piece of material that is placed under a carpet and extends the life of it. Pad prevents it from pulling and moving around the room, as it can surely drive you crazy. And not only it cares for rug, but floor also, as a pad prevents dye transfer and scratching. Finally, it allows for easier vacuuming afterwards. Only thing you should be careful of is that rug pads are specific to the type of flooring your house has.

Rug pads are easy to take care of and made of very breathable materials, so can be cleaned underneath once a year. Yet it is recommended to clean immediately if a spill occurs. Also, maybe you’ll want to rotate your rugs every once in a while so your floor gets some sunlight, especially it it’s wooden.

If you are considering investing into a new rug, or already own some and wondering how to keep it looking good and in gr...

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What are the common rug types

rugs-seo-fy16Anyone who’s had any experience purchasing a carpet can probably tell you all the different rug types can come off as plain confusing to a newbie buyer. Most people don’t know the first thing about these types of fabric, and feel overwhelmed when they learn all the various types of fabric and methods used to manufacture rugs. Then, they realize they still don’t have an answer to their question – what type of rug is the best for me? In this article, we hope to cover any style of rug that you might come across and offer you a definitive guide for your next purchase. Each different method produces its own style of rug of different quality, finesse and price. Perhaps it would be best to start off with needle felt carpets. A needle felt rug is a type of carpet usually mass produced through the use of technology. They’re not much to behold but are fairly rugged and because of this are often found covering large traffic commercial areas like bars, restaurants and hotels. Tufted carpets are manufactured through a very common method of injecting the pile onto a backing material and then potentially shearing it for aesthetics. Knotting the carpets is another     method of creating fine, hand-made rugs that can often fetch a high price. Oriental rugs, praised far and wide for their finesse and style, are created using this method, as are kashmir rugs. Even more expensive might be the method of weaving. While also a popular method of producing carpets, the manufacturing is quite slow which often means these rugs will be very expensive compared to some faster-produced counterparts. It’s becoming quite obvious that there is a great deal of different rug types, and each type serves one purpose better than the others. Do you have a hallway getting a lot of traffic, possibly with people carrying dirt and water around from their soles? Well, you probably don’t want to use that fine knotted oriental rug, because it will be destroyed. Instead, you should opt for a nice and sturdy needle felt rug designed to absorb just the kind of punishment you will subject it to. quentin-blue-cotton-rugConversely, if you are looking to impress your friends with a well placed, intricate area rug, needle felt rugs aren’t going to do the trick, and you will want a hand-made rug that shows a delicate and unique design. Here is where that hand-knotted oriental rug becomes a much better choice. So, the type of rug you ultimately end up with should reflect your needs, and what you want that rug to offer you most. There are even more rug types that we haven’t mentioned mostly because they aren’t as relevant. The hooked rug, a simplistic rug rarely made for commercial purposes anymore, and the flatweave rug, produced by interlocking horizontal and vertical threads into a work of art. This method produces several well-known European and oriental types of carpet, such as Dutch, Venetian and kilim. Between all these different rug types, we hope that you were able to find that one just for you.

Anyone who's had any experience purchasing a carpet can probably tell you all the different rug types can come off as pl...

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How to choose the right rug pad for your carpet

Durahold rug padBuying a carpet involves a lot more than simply picking out a style that you might like. Different carpets serve different purposes and you’d do well to know exactly what type of rug will suit you best before making a purchase. With the proper care, rugs can last a lifetime or even be passed along across several generations. Many carpet owners don’t realize that, aside from cleaning the carpet constantly and avoiding any spills that could cause staining, another important aspect of carpet care is picking the right rug pad.
A rug pad can mean the difference between a carpet that is in good order and one that is completely in shambles due to the high amount of traffic it receives. Therefore, every carpet owner should strive to equip their rug with the most appropriate rug pad in order to increase its longevity as well as obtain additional utility from this padding.
Rug pads come in all sorts of shapes and sizes as well as benefits, depending on the type of carpet they will be placed under. There is no universal rug pad that will suit every type of carpet, so every rug owner should become intimately familiarized with the types and the benefits that each different type provides.
Moreover, rug pads come in varying degrees of quality, ranging from the free rug pads given to you by the carpet vendor that are terrible and might end up destroying your carpet all the way to high-quality rug pads manufactured by respectable companies, like the Mohawk rug pads. While it can definitely be tempting to try and go for a cheaper rug pad in order to save up some money, especially if you already spent a lot on your carpet or have several large carpets, spending as much as needed on a rug pad can actually end up saving you money as your carpet’s life becomes extended.
Without the right rug pad, you might find yourself in the unfortunate group of people that have to throw away their carpet just a few years or even months after purchase. This most often happens when the carpet receives a high amount of traffic over a longer period of time without being outfitted with the appropriate padding to support it. Most carpets will eventually falter under too much traffic without the appropriate protection, so if you have a carpet that is seeing a lot of footsteps daily, consider a quality rug pad to prolong its life and reduce the wear and tear it suffers.
Another common example of carpet damage due to a lack of an appropriate rug padding comes in the form of furniture indentations that are often left on carpets that lie beneath heavy furniture for a significant amount of time. Without the right padding, your carpet is eventually going to dent under the furniture and become significantly less appealing from an aesthetic perspective. More often than not, these indentations are also impossible to remove, meaning that the carpet owner is forced to replace their carpet altogether.
This type of carpet damage becomes even worse for carpets that are sitting under chairs, like the ones that are commonly found under tables. Chairs being dragged across the carpet can cause significant wear and tear depending on the material that the carpet is made from and the protection it has.
eco-friendly-rug-padsA solid rug pad can go a long way towards making sure that these forms of carpet damage don’t occur. If you are picking a rug pad for a carpet that is seeing a lot of traffic or, oftentimes even worse, is sitting under some heavy furniture in your home, make sure that the rug pad is thick and dense in order to provide the best possible support against the weight of the furniture. Most top manufacturers of rug pads such as Mohawk Rug Pads offer padding of all sorts of density and thickness in order to accomodate the needs of their customers. Therefore, when purchasing from an established and legitimate rug pad vendor, you won’t ever need to worry about your carpet being deprived of the care it needs.
Regardless of whether your carpet is brand new or it has been decorating your home for a while, you should immediately look to outfit it with a quality rug pad from the manufacturer of your choice. The extra expense will definitely prove to be worth itself.

Buying a carpet involves a lot more than simply picking out a style that you might like. Different carpets serve differe...

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Oriental Rug Pads

Rug pads are made part of a house to avoid water, dust or pressure damage to expensive oriental rugs and hardwood floors. Oriental rugs are crafted in places like Asia, China, Pakistan and Turkey. They are also known as Persian rugs. They are comparatively more expensive as compared to regular rugs because they are knotted very intricately, are rich in hues, design, weave and texture.
If Oriental rugs are not properly cared for they can lose their colour. They might fade away and their strands might loosen, leaving strong colourations on hardwood floors. This might make the hardwood floors lose their polish too. Rug pads for Oriental rugs can help you sustain both, your floors and your expensive rugs. Depending on the floor type, the nature and surface of the rugs that need padding, people can choose between thick and thin rug pads, their qualities, components and brands. All these serve different purposes and can be picked out based on what floor you have.
Oriental rugs are a lot more expensive than ordinary rugs purchased under normal circumstances. Considering the kind of investment you have made with an Oriental rug, following are a few suitable paddings for them:
4591cbc00548289d_2365-w251-h251-b0-p0--traditional-rug-pads•    Natural Rug Pads
As the name suggests, these rug pads are free from all chemicals and adhesives. This is why they are the first choice for hardwood floors. Just like Oriental rugs are expensive, hardwood floors are too. For this reason, both these investments require a lot of care, concern and protection. Natural rug pads have a complex arrangement which allows their surface to form a harmless link between the floor and the rug. The absence of glues ensures no damage will be brought to the Oriental rug or to the hardwood floors. Both are therefore protected and made to last a whole lot longer.
•    Felt Rubber Rug Pads: Separately And In Union
Felt and rubber rug pads can either be bought separately or in union. Felt rug pads are available in varying densities and thickness. They cushion the rug in a comfortable manner and make walking on it easy. However, because of the thickness of these pads and their composition these are not usually suggested for full carpeted floorings. This is because their grip may not work as well on carpets and larger area rugs.
For such purposes a combination of felt and rubber can be used. Felt and rubber rug pads mesh well together and make up for the qualities of the other. The rubber side of the padding is kept in contact with the carpet or the rug itself and the felt is placed facing the floor. This way the cushioning, comfort and grip is all balanced in a perfect manner.
•    Organic Rug Pads
This particular kind of padding is the perhaps the best and safest option for those concerned about the adhesives present in regular paddings. Organic padding is usually composed of all natural products which is why they do not damage the floors. These pads are environmentally friendly and serve the same purposes as any other rug pad in a more protected way.
Therefore, if you have been struggling with finding a rug pad for your home or office, you can pick the one that suits you most. There are several rug pads that ensure the protection of your expensive Oriental rugs and hardwood floors. They sustain the rich colours, the intricate designs and delicately woven strands. They also maintain the polish of hardwood floors. You can easily make your expensive rugs last a lot longer than they would without the appropriate kind of padding.

Rug pads are made part of a house to avoid water, dust or pressure damage to expensive oriental rugs and hardwood floors...

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The floor plays a big role in the house decoration business

Area-RugsThere are many different ways of decorating your home. Some people like to choose the color of their walls first and with that in mind, set up some kind of a theme for the rest of the house. Another way of decorating your home will typically involve selecting the desired furniture. Once you decided which way to go, you will have a good base to pick the rest of the necessary stuff. Unavoidable thing when decorating a home, for various (and obvious) reasons, is the choice of flooring. People may have different visions on how their floors should look like, but the one thing that ends up covering your floor sooner or later is a carpet, and with it, hopefully, a rug pad you have carefully selected. Whether this happens straight away when you move in or in the near future, it seems unavoidable. In this article we will be talking about the many things you should concern yourself with when buying a rug for your home.
There are many types of different rugs. They can differentiate in various aspects such as size, value, durability, material etc. Different types of rugs also require different types of rug pads, and not all rug pads work well together with all types of rugs. A rubber rug pad might be the type of pad your rug needs, and if you use another type, it could cause the manufacturer of your rug to void your warranty. Those things are just some of the things you should consider surely when starting your search for the rug that you want in your home. Probably the first thing you should think about in this process is where the carpet will be placed and what implication it will have in the space. The selection differs greatly for rugs that will be right at the entrance to your house and for carpets that will be put in the dining room or in your bedroom.

When buying a new rug, you surely do not want it to get ruined to soon, especially if the carpet you are buying is expensive. Because of that, you should take extra caution when buying rugs that will be very exposed to a lot of traffic on daily basis. Not all rug pads can handle high traffic very well either, so you should perhaps look into buying a rubber rug pad made of dense rubber if you are expecting the carpet to get a lot of traffic. The logic behind quality is actually pretty simple – the more money you are prepared to spend, the more probable it will be that your carpet won’t get custom_rugs_PT44_NAT_Room_2ruined straight away. However, there is another factor to consider – it is important to choose the proper material, as this can greatly prolong your carpet’s life. Although there are some more exotic materials people tend to buy, rugs are usually made of either wool or nylon. Both of those materials have certain advantages. Wool, of course, is more pleasing on the eye, however nylon is an artificial material and it can have even better properties than wool (although wool’s resistance is great). Not to mention, if you choose the wrong rug pad material, such as cheap foam, it can stain your rogue, so you are probably safest with some type of flat rubber rug pad.

Covering all of your floors with great quality rugs can be very expensive, but let’s put money aside for now. Typically, you would surely want quality, but you will also need your carpets to match the other things in the room; plus it would be g reat if they are functional. As long as design is concerned, you should note that there are few ways to go. You may want to center your rug – this seems to be most common solution. However, sometimes you may want more pieces of smaller rugs strategically placed in the room. Whichever way you choose to go, make sure to consider the important things because buying a carpet of a wrong dimension can be problematic later.

There are many different ways of decorating your home. Some people like to choose the color of their walls first and wit...

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Top 10 Country Bedroom Design Ideas

Perfect for lazy Sundays when we want to browse magazines or the place to relax after a hard day, bedroom represents a secret refuge for each of us. Many people choose to resort to the classic bed-bedside-cabinet arrangement, although it is not the most suitable choice, especially if we are talking about a country bedroom design.


Here are 10 ideas to take into account if you are willing to create such rural setting, based mostly on neutral tones and warm colours:

1. Minimalist but very comfortable: Choose a model bed whose mattress is placed directly on the floor and put it in a precious material such as velvet. A wooden shield, a massive mirror and a lamp with a vanguard form will complement the décor. Cooler tones of blue can be tamed by shades of earth brown or beige cushions, as well as panels decorated in gold tones.


2. Bedroom for princesses: A sumptuous bedroom with a huge bed dressed in sofa and a chandelier in warm shades (look for a particular one at antique fairs) are the elements that matter here. If you are a fan of neutral tones, then opt to paint side walls of the room in faint yellow while retaining the colour of ceiling and floor to milk-white.


3. Nordic style: We propose you a different interpretation of the minimalist style involving black and gray. Place the bed right next to the window and invest in a white carpet covering the entire floor (this floor unless you prefer a special resin coated white). A plexiglass bench will serve perfectly as storage for blankets and extra blankets and your favorite magazines can sit right next to the window. Oh and do not forget: no heavy drapes or colourful curtains! The thin white linen or silk are perfect for such country room setting!


4. Practical: This model is perfect for small rooms. Would you like to keep all blankets, cushions and bedding at hand but you don’t want to burden the room with an extra closet? In this case, a lift and store bed is perfect! You can hide under the mattress even few boxes of shoes, if you still have room for them after placing all your important belongings. In the same space-saving idea, what would you think about a folding table for breakfast?


5. Unique and colourful: Even if it seems too minimalist for a classic country bedroom, we are sure that plenty of girls would agree that such place is perfect for sleeping. There are more advantages: you can always turn it into a bed for guests while having extra fun when you and your partner are there. Do not forget the evening tea: purchase a colourful and small container for preparing it.


6. Single place: Count on massive wood furniture with reddish tints and parquet floor of the same hue. Instead of a small bedside shelf choose a plexiglass one where to place a handy novel. And put your personal stamp on the space by choosing a suitable wallpaper that will delight you during each morning.


7. Prepare for spring: a bed enhanced with flower-printed materials is perfect for enjoying your breakfast during sunny mornings. Make sure to choose furniture in light tones such as yellow-brown and hang some of your favourite pictures in there too. You could take into consideration some nice floral arrangements too.


8. Delightful: A seemingly small bedroom can quickly become your house’s attraction centre! If you buy an old house and want to keep the old tiles on the floor, simply ensure to paint them in a light colour which you will also apply for one of the walls. Apply wallpapers imitating unfinished wood walls. Choose natural materials such as flax or hemp for blankets on the bed and use two tables of different heights and colours which are to be placed on the bedsides.


9. Floral: If you love the sun and flowers then this type of bedroom is perfect for you. Place the mattress on a low bed as close to the window as possible and forget about any decoration or furniture which are useless to you. Make sure to keep a small table for placing your favourite books and morning breakfasts.


10. Sweet dreams: With a travel map bought from an antique fair placed at the top of your bed and a lamp which seems to be taken from the workshop of a painter, your dreams will become much more colourful! Keep the room in Earth tones and opt for a white, immaculate mattress which will provide you adequate support on tough days.


These are the top 10 country bedroom designs to be taken into account by fans of the style, each of them offering something unique and special. Choose one according to your preferences.

Perfect for lazy Sundays when we want to browse magazines or the place to relax after a hard day, bedroom represents a s...

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American Farmhouse Decorating Ideas


The wood floor is the standard type of floor in the American farmhouse. You can use a dark or light finish but you should stay away from glossy lacquers. Try using reclaimed lumber when you are installing hardwood floors. The gouges, nicks and scratches that characterize most old lumber complement the farmhouse style. In addition, your farmhouse floors can be paved with earthen tile, brick or stone. But you should avoid covering the entire floor with a single carpet. Instead, you should score and stain your concrete floor.


Demarcate your seating room using rugs made of sea grass, jute, or natural sisal. Braided rugs add elegance and charm to breakfast rooms and kitchens. To add flair and pattern, use geometric kilims; the flat woven ones will do. You can even create an image of a fake rug with paint on the concrete floor of a glass porch.


Walls and Ceilings

Use flat paint on your walls and plaster ceilings; shiny paint can be used for trim. You may also paint timbered or planked ceilings but they look best in their natural color. Spice up your plain ceilings and walls with bead board. Put it beneath the rail of the dining chairs or use it to make a full panel on the walls of the den, kitchen or mudroom.



Use simple window treatments and avoid the excessive use of long fabric. You can also set up matchstick slats, woven shades of bamboo, or hobbled shades of linen. Include some curtain panels at the base or simply use them alone. Shutters should also be used to add charm and elegance to your kitchen and bathroom.


Mix clean-lined furniture with antique rustic pieces. Avoid the use of heavy carving; however you can add spindles, turned legs, scalloped aprons and curves. Put a rustic iron bed or a pencil post in your bedroom. Then set up a fairly long, planked table and Windsor chairs in your dining room. In your breakfast room or kitchen, put a nice glass-fronted cupboard with a rustic design.

Casual fabrics with timeless-shaped patterns will be ideal for upholstered furniture. Add a pair of soft arm chairs. Cover a standard Lawson sofa with striped cotton fabric. Use patchwork quilt to re-upholster a leggy side chair.



Use lanterns and chandeliers made of bronze, pewter or iron. Create a special touch with a custom built iron fixture made in the shape of a tree with branches. Place iron-based candlestick lamps with paper shades on top of the table. You can even create unique candle holders out salvaged corbels.


Portraits, landscapes and primitives can be used as excellent farmhouse artwork. Add some flair by hanging plates, platters, rugs or quilts. You can even create a sculptural effect by covering an entire wall with ancient farm implements. Or you may hang an old iron gate. Apart from this, you can add modern artwork with bold colors and shapes. These will align perfectly with the clean lines of the standard farmhouse design.


Floors The wood floor is the standard type of floor in the American farmhouse. You can use a dark or light finish but yo...

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The Perfect Cottage Style Farmhouse

This week you will be taken on an online tour of our beautiful homes and enjoy some of our spectacular farmhouses. I want to share with you my favorite cottage style farmhouse, the perfect retreat for anyone looking for a pleasant home.

Built in 1875, and located on a dead end street in a small suburb of Chicago, in the vast prairie fields of Illinois, the yellow tint farmhouse sits quietly on a secluded and quiet lot, far from the hectic urban center. The plot features an ideal mix of both worlds, the tranquility of the rural world and the continuous activity of the nearby bustling mega-city.

As soon as you dive in to our serene and peaceful farm, you will be welcomed by Taffy and Stella, our lovely cats that are always on the porch to greet any guest. Walk in through the front door and you will enter a special, cozy place, decorated with freshly cut flowers and mesmerizing selection of house plants. Place your keys on the freshly painted and restored desk. The restored chair was painted and decorated with a lace bow and features a Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Old Ochre which adds a distinct look to the piece. Initially painted in dark hues, the furniture was brought a dark feeling to the space, contrary to my desire, which looked for a more relaxed, airy and optimistic feel.

The living room is right across the entry way and it acts as an foyer for the entire house, and provides a light and bright atmosphere. The covers and elegant textiles cover the ancient furniture in the living room, giving it a touch of warmth, while wonderfully crafted bamboo mats add an exotic feeling to the space. The mats were chosen as an alternative to the area rug and they are very easy to clean and very durable. Right next to the living room is the dining area, and next to it, we have the painted staircase that leads to the second floor. The doorway opens to the laundry room, which is now closed because it is a bit messy.

The stairway receives plenty of light from the oddly placed window, right to the bottom of the landing, while the light blue color adds a more relaxed feel to the space. The walls have a series of Lacecap paints by Martha Stewart which fit perfectly on the lavender background.

The next room that we will visit is the family room, which usually sits next to the kitchen, but we opted to have it right next to the living room. Basically, we have two rooms that can host parties and family reunions without major layout modifications. We love to mingle and chat in the two rooms that work together during our special events. Also, I use the family room as my crafting cabinet, in a corner of the room, and whenever I have guests, I invite them in the living room, so they won’t have to witness the mess. The windows add a distinct feel to the interior, with its roman shades and landscape burlap, which I designed myself. The family room also features one of the bamboo mats, similar to the living room, but has a slightly different pattern.

Stepping into the dining room, which has seen some changes over the years, you can see the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint chairs and table. The lace curtains and the end chairs were bargains that I found at local yard sales and at the church sale. We also have a cottage style dining buffet, decorated with vintage mirrors that I bought from various sources.

I bought this dry sink for $80 at the local antique store and the fragrance from the bee’s balm and dried lavender is absolutely mind-blowing.

The dining room now has an airy and open space feel, but I know that not everyone loves this style. I tried to recreate the cottage style with the bead board on the walls and the open shelving. The kitchen also doesn’t have any upper cabinets and features open shelving above the stove. Considering I am a vegetarian and love to grow my vegetables, I cook a lot and the shelving helps to reach any ingredient. Also, you will be amazed at how easy it is to keep the painted cabinets clean even after long cooking sessions.

This week you will be taken on an online tour of our beautiful homes and enjoy some of our spectacular farmhouses. I wan...

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Discover Great Ideas On How To Decorate A Farmhouse

A country farmhouse is one of the most preferred places for family and friends gathering. Even though they are used for relaxation purposes, it doe not mean that they should not be stylish and appealing to look at. There are different cheap ideas that can be used to decorate farmhouses. This is because many of them involve utilizing what you have. Below is a breakdown of inexpensive ideas you may use to style up your farmhouse and make it more attractive.

#1.Pay Attention To The Kitchen

The kitchen is the focal point of every farmhouse and demands to be decorated every now and then. Try to install an island where the children can take their food from and also use cabinets specifically the ones made from pine. If you cannot find pine wood, you can perhaps paint the cabinets with a brighter colour or whitewash them to modernize the kitchen. Transform your kitchen to look like what you have always dreamt of by applying a simple paint!

#2.Use Lighter Colors

Since farmhouses are always well illuminated by light from the sun, it is advisable to use very light colours on the walls. This is to ensure that they stay lively as well as give a sense of life. Also, ensure that the colors you use are a bit soft since they are considered long lasting.

#3.Keep Away Modern Equipments

Am very sure you would like to have modern equipments in your house such as a TV, a DVD, a laptop etc. It is recommended to install cabinet doors for your equipment so as to maintain the farmhouse’s original look.

#4 Use Curtains In The Room

Use homemade curtains and drapes to decorate your room. Mostly, many people use Roman blinds and shades that have a bright print pattern to spice up the entire look to make it admirable.

#5. Select pieces that provide comfort

Mostly, a farmhouse serves as a relaxation room after an exhausting day and should have a couple of sofas and pillows which are comfortable to lounge on.

#6.Quality Wood Furniture

A farmhouse is supposed to have a good dining table made from real wood. Generally, the whole furniture in the farmhouse should either have simple curves or simple lines depending on your tastes and preferences.

#7. Use Different Styles

Decorating a farmhouse has never been an expensive task. This is because you can use what you have at your disposal to accomplish the decorating mission. Some of the ways include:

  • Using a color to paint the kitchen island and the cabinets
  • Using floral plates
  • Painting the chairs in different colours so as to distinguish them. For example, dining chairs should be painted in a different color from other chairs in the farmhouse.
  • Mix and match different styles for your farmhouse to have a nice complexion

#8.Maintain The Farmhouse’s Character

Don’t try to modernize your farmhouse with modern looks. The only thing that is advisable to be furnished is the furniture otherwise keep off from changing items such as:

  • The wood floors,
  • Claw foot tubs
  • Bead board
  • Thick molding of the doors

This is meant to ensure that the old items are available for the future generation to enjoy.

#9. Use Unique Accessories

There is no need of buying expensive accessories to decorate your farmhouse. All you have to do is to take a collection of different pictures and put them in different frame styles. You can also use some of your old signs to enhance the effect.

A country farmhouse is one of the most preferred places for family and friends gathering. Even though they are used for...

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Drawing upon the Traditional American Farmhouse for Your Living Room Decor

Choosing the right decorations for your living room can be a challenging task. Basing your decorations around a theme can help to facilitate the decorating process. A worthwhile theme to consider that draws upon images of the American dream and the nation’s rural beginnings is the American farmhouse. While this style may be popular, there are several ways in which you can make it your own.

The Colors of the American Farm

After our ancestors had settled on the American land, they began to build houses with colors that reflected those of the surrounding area. In turn, this design helped to make the house blend in with the surrounding environment, symbolically making the land their own. These pioneers drew upon several colors that you can use in your living room:

  • Soft yellow
  • Straw
  • Rust
  • Buttermilk
  • Gray
  • Dark green
  • Bam-red

When in doubt, you can always draw upon the traditional patriotic colors of red, white, and blue to show your pride for American farm life.


Furniture and Flooring Options

The first American farmers drew upon the materials they had around them when developing the furniture for their houses: natural wood. To create an authentic American farmhouse living room, remember to find seating, end table, and coffee table options that are made from authentic wood, preferably American-made!

Likewise, it could also be beneficial to install hardwood floors in your living room. The country look can be achieved by using either dark or light wood. For a truly authentic look, be sure to look for reclaimed and distressed wood materials.

When in doubt, a brick floor design will also serve your purposes well when looking to achieve the desired rustic look. Be sure to avoid shiny colors because life on the frontier was hard on our progenitors.

Similarly, using stone can also help to create an American farmhouse feel in your living room. These earthy materials serve as great building blocks for when designing your living room as the earthy material will compliment your other rural-inspired materials.

No matter what, make sure you’re not installing wall-to-wall carpeting. This is a modern style of protecting the floor that simply was not available to the first American farmers on the frontier. While choosing braided or jute rugs could add a nice touch to your rural living room, be sure to be as minimalistic as possible with your rug choices.

Showing Your American Pride: Patriotic Symbols

If you’re trying to determine the right decorations for your farmhouse-style living room, be sure to draw upon the signs and symbols of life on the American frontier. You may have to visit an antiques store to find many of these items.

A nice farm tool, such as a shovel or pitchfork, calls back to a time when American farmers used their hands to make all that they owned. Hanging these items close to your fireplace, a space within your house that partially requires you to use your hands to generate heat.


American farmers on the frontier spent most of their days outside working in the fields. Placing a piece of artwork of such a location can serve as a reference to the early, hard days of American life. Pictures or Portraits: Hang pictures of your family and friends all around your house. American farmhouses commonly featured family portraits and hanging images of you with your loved ones can help to create a more authentic farmhouse feel. If possible, use an image editing system to give your portraits a daguerreotype-like feel.

Classic clocks

While we may enjoy the benefits of digital clocks today, the early American used dials and moving hands to tell time.

Walls and Ceilings

When choosing the right materials for painting your walls and ceiling, be sure to avoid employing any flashy, shiny colors. Remember that the early American farmers did not live a flashy, exotic life. Instead, they worked in the fields and reaped what they sowed on a day-to-day basis.

To capture that look on your ceilings, consider these options:

  • Flat painting
  • Plank beams
  • Timber wood beams

For your walls, consider these options:

  • Flat paint walls
  • Soft white painting
  • Ceramic tiles

While creating an authentic American farmhouse look can be a very difficult process, you’ll be rewarded by the comments of adoration you’ll receive from your family and friends. All this style may be “old”, it remains a timeless option for your living room.

Choosing the right decorations for your living room can be a challenging task. Basing your decorations around a theme ca...

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