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What are the common rug types

rugs-seo-fy16Anyone who’s had any experience purchasing a carpet can probably tell you all the different rug types can come off as plain confusing to a newbie buyer. Most people don’t know the first thing about these types of fabric, and feel overwhelmed when they learn all the various types of fabric and methods used to manufacture rugs. Then, they realize they still don’t have an answer to their question – what type of rug is the best for me? In this article, we hope to cover any style of rug that you might come across and offer you a definitive guide for your next purchase. Each different method produces its own style of rug of different quality, finesse and price. Perhaps it would be best to start off with needle felt carpets. A needle felt rug is a type of carpet usually mass produced through the use of technology. They’re not much to behold but are fairly rugged and because of this are often found covering large traffic commercial areas like bars, restaurants and hotels. Tufted carpets are manufactured through a very common method of injecting the pile onto a backing material and then potentially shearing it for aesthetics. Knotting the carpets is another     method of creating fine, hand-made rugs that can often fetch a high price. Oriental rugs, praised far and wide for their finesse and style, are created using this method, as are kashmir rugs. Even more expensive might be the method of weaving. While also a popular method of producing carpets, the manufacturing is quite slow which often means these rugs will be very expensive compared to some faster-produced counterparts. It’s becoming quite obvious that there is a great deal of different rug types, and each type serves one purpose better than the others. Do you have a hallway getting a lot of traffic, possibly with people carrying dirt and water around from their soles? Well, you probably don’t want to use that fine knotted oriental rug, because it will be destroyed. Instead, you should opt for a nice and sturdy needle felt rug designed to absorb just the kind of punishment you will subject it to. quentin-blue-cotton-rugConversely, if you are looking to impress your friends with a well placed, intricate area rug, needle felt rugs aren’t going to do the trick, and you will want a hand-made rug that shows a delicate and unique design. Here is where that hand-knotted oriental rug becomes a much better choice. So, the type of rug you ultimately end up with should reflect your needs, and what you want that rug to offer you most. There are even more rug types that we haven’t mentioned mostly because they aren’t as relevant. The hooked rug, a simplistic rug rarely made for commercial purposes anymore, and the flatweave rug, produced by interlocking horizontal and vertical threads into a work of art. This method produces several well-known European and oriental types of carpet, such as Dutch, Venetian and kilim. Between all these different rug types, we hope that you were able to find that one just for you.

Anyone who's had any experience purchasing a carpet can probably tell you all the different rug types can come off as pl...

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