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How to choose the right rug pad for your carpet

Durahold rug padBuying a carpet involves a lot more than simply picking out a style that you might like. Different carpets serve different purposes and you’d do well to know exactly what type of rug will suit you best before making a purchase. With the proper care, rugs can last a lifetime or even be passed along across several generations. Many carpet owners don’t realize that, aside from cleaning the carpet constantly and avoiding any spills that could cause staining, another important aspect of carpet care is picking the right rug pad.
A rug pad can mean the difference between a carpet that is in good order and one that is completely in shambles due to the high amount of traffic it receives. Therefore, every carpet owner should strive to equip their rug with the most appropriate rug pad in order to increase its longevity as well as obtain additional utility from this padding.
Rug pads come in all sorts of shapes and sizes as well as benefits, depending on the type of carpet they will be placed under. There is no universal rug pad that will suit every type of carpet, so every rug owner should become intimately familiarized with the types and the benefits that each different type provides.
Moreover, rug pads come in varying degrees of quality, ranging from the free rug pads given to you by the carpet vendor that are terrible and might end up destroying your carpet all the way to high-quality rug pads manufactured by respectable companies, like the Mohawk rug pads. While it can definitely be tempting to try and go for a cheaper rug pad in order to save up some money, especially if you already spent a lot on your carpet or have several large carpets, spending as much as needed on a rug pad can actually end up saving you money as your carpet’s life becomes extended.
Without the right rug pad, you might find yourself in the unfortunate group of people that have to throw away their carpet just a few years or even months after purchase. This most often happens when the carpet receives a high amount of traffic over a longer period of time without being outfitted with the appropriate padding to support it. Most carpets will eventually falter under too much traffic without the appropriate protection, so if you have a carpet that is seeing a lot of footsteps daily, consider a quality rug pad to prolong its life and reduce the wear and tear it suffers.
Another common example of carpet damage due to a lack of an appropriate rug padding comes in the form of furniture indentations that are often left on carpets that lie beneath heavy furniture for a significant amount of time. Without the right padding, your carpet is eventually going to dent under the furniture and become significantly less appealing from an aesthetic perspective. More often than not, these indentations are also impossible to remove, meaning that the carpet owner is forced to replace their carpet altogether.
This type of carpet damage becomes even worse for carpets that are sitting under chairs, like the ones that are commonly found under tables. Chairs being dragged across the carpet can cause significant wear and tear depending on the material that the carpet is made from and the protection it has.
eco-friendly-rug-padsA solid rug pad can go a long way towards making sure that these forms of carpet damage don’t occur. If you are picking a rug pad for a carpet that is seeing a lot of traffic or, oftentimes even worse, is sitting under some heavy furniture in your home, make sure that the rug pad is thick and dense in order to provide the best possible support against the weight of the furniture. Most top manufacturers of rug pads such as Mohawk Rug Pads offer padding of all sorts of density and thickness in order to accomodate the needs of their customers. Therefore, when purchasing from an established and legitimate rug pad vendor, you won’t ever need to worry about your carpet being deprived of the care it needs.
Regardless of whether your carpet is brand new or it has been decorating your home for a while, you should immediately look to outfit it with a quality rug pad from the manufacturer of your choice. The extra expense will definitely prove to be worth itself.

Buying a carpet involves a lot more than simply picking out a style that you might like. Different carpets serve differe...

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Oriental Rug Pads

Rug pads are made part of a house to avoid water, dust or pressure damage to expensive oriental rugs and hardwood floors. Oriental rugs are crafted in places like Asia, China, Pakistan and Turkey. They are also known as Persian rugs. They are comparatively more expensive as compared to regular rugs because they are knotted very intricately, are rich in hues, design, weave and texture.
If Oriental rugs are not properly cared for they can lose their colour. They might fade away and their strands might loosen, leaving strong colourations on hardwood floors. This might make the hardwood floors lose their polish too. Rug pads for Oriental rugs can help you sustain both, your floors and your expensive rugs. Depending on the floor type, the nature and surface of the rugs that need padding, people can choose between thick and thin rug pads, their qualities, components and brands. All these serve different purposes and can be picked out based on what floor you have.
Oriental rugs are a lot more expensive than ordinary rugs purchased under normal circumstances. Considering the kind of investment you have made with an Oriental rug, following are a few suitable paddings for them:
4591cbc00548289d_2365-w251-h251-b0-p0--traditional-rug-pads•    Natural Rug Pads
As the name suggests, these rug pads are free from all chemicals and adhesives. This is why they are the first choice for hardwood floors. Just like Oriental rugs are expensive, hardwood floors are too. For this reason, both these investments require a lot of care, concern and protection. Natural rug pads have a complex arrangement which allows their surface to form a harmless link between the floor and the rug. The absence of glues ensures no damage will be brought to the Oriental rug or to the hardwood floors. Both are therefore protected and made to last a whole lot longer.
•    Felt Rubber Rug Pads: Separately And In Union
Felt and rubber rug pads can either be bought separately or in union. Felt rug pads are available in varying densities and thickness. They cushion the rug in a comfortable manner and make walking on it easy. However, because of the thickness of these pads and their composition these are not usually suggested for full carpeted floorings. This is because their grip may not work as well on carpets and larger area rugs.
For such purposes a combination of felt and rubber can be used. Felt and rubber rug pads mesh well together and make up for the qualities of the other. The rubber side of the padding is kept in contact with the carpet or the rug itself and the felt is placed facing the floor. This way the cushioning, comfort and grip is all balanced in a perfect manner.
•    Organic Rug Pads
This particular kind of padding is the perhaps the best and safest option for those concerned about the adhesives present in regular paddings. Organic padding is usually composed of all natural products which is why they do not damage the floors. These pads are environmentally friendly and serve the same purposes as any other rug pad in a more protected way.
Therefore, if you have been struggling with finding a rug pad for your home or office, you can pick the one that suits you most. There are several rug pads that ensure the protection of your expensive Oriental rugs and hardwood floors. They sustain the rich colours, the intricate designs and delicately woven strands. They also maintain the polish of hardwood floors. You can easily make your expensive rugs last a lot longer than they would without the appropriate kind of padding.

Rug pads are made part of a house to avoid water, dust or pressure damage to expensive oriental rugs and hardwood floors...

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