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Top 10 Country Bedroom Design Ideas

Perfect for lazy Sundays when we want to browse magazines or the place to relax after a hard day, bedroom represents a secret refuge for each of us. Many people choose to resort to the classic bed-bedside-cabinet arrangement, although it is not the most suitable choice, especially if we are talking about a country bedroom design.


Here are 10 ideas to take into account if you are willing to create such rural setting, based mostly on neutral tones and warm colours:

1. Minimalist but very comfortable: Choose a model bed whose mattress is placed directly on the floor and put it in a precious material such as velvet. A wooden shield, a massive mirror and a lamp with a vanguard form will complement the d├ęcor. Cooler tones of blue can be tamed by shades of earth brown or beige cushions, as well as panels decorated in gold tones.


2. Bedroom for princesses: A sumptuous bedroom with a huge bed dressed in sofa and a chandelier in warm shades (look for a particular one at antique fairs) are the elements that matter here. If you are a fan of neutral tones, then opt to paint side walls of the room in faint yellow while retaining the colour of ceiling and floor to milk-white.


3. Nordic style: We propose you a different interpretation of the minimalist style involving black and gray. Place the bed right next to the window and invest in a white carpet covering the entire floor (this floor unless you prefer a special resin coated white). A plexiglass bench will serve perfectly as storage for blankets and extra blankets and your favorite magazines can sit right next to the window. Oh and do not forget: no heavy drapes or colourful curtains! The thin white linen or silk are perfect for such country room setting!


4. Practical: This model is perfect for small rooms. Would you like to keep all blankets, cushions and bedding at hand but you don’t want to burden the room with an extra closet? In this case, a lift and store bed is perfect! You can hide under the mattress even few boxes of shoes, if you still have room for them after placing all your important belongings. In the same space-saving idea, what would you think about a folding table for breakfast?


5. Unique and colourful: Even if it seems too minimalist for a classic country bedroom, we are sure that plenty of girls would agree that such place is perfect for sleeping. There are more advantages: you can always turn it into a bed for guests while having extra fun when you and your partner are there. Do not forget the evening tea: purchase a colourful and small container for preparing it.


6. Single place: Count on massive wood furniture with reddish tints and parquet floor of the same hue. Instead of a small bedside shelf choose a plexiglass one where to place a handy novel. And put your personal stamp on the space by choosing a suitable wallpaper that will delight you during each morning.


7. Prepare for spring: a bed enhanced with flower-printed materials is perfect for enjoying your breakfast during sunny mornings. Make sure to choose furniture in light tones such as yellow-brown and hang some of your favourite pictures in there too. You could take into consideration some nice floral arrangements too.


8. Delightful: A seemingly small bedroom can quickly become your house’s attraction centre! If you buy an old house and want to keep the old tiles on the floor, simply ensure to paint them in a light colour which you will also apply for one of the walls. Apply wallpapers imitating unfinished wood walls. Choose natural materials such as flax or hemp for blankets on the bed and use two tables of different heights and colours which are to be placed on the bedsides.


9. Floral: If you love the sun and flowers then this type of bedroom is perfect for you. Place the mattress on a low bed as close to the window as possible and forget about any decoration or furniture which are useless to you. Make sure to keep a small table for placing your favourite books and morning breakfasts.


10. Sweet dreams: With a travel map bought from an antique fair placed at the top of your bed and a lamp which seems to be taken from the workshop of a painter, your dreams will become much more colourful! Keep the room in Earth tones and opt for a white, immaculate mattress which will provide you adequate support on tough days.


These are the top 10 country bedroom designs to be taken into account by fans of the style, each of them offering something unique and special. Choose one according to your preferences.

Perfect for lazy Sundays when we want to browse magazines or the place to relax after a hard day, bedroom represents a s...

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