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American Farmhouse Decorating Ideas


The wood floor is the standard type of floor in the American farmhouse. You can use a dark or light finish but you should stay away from glossy lacquers. Try using reclaimed lumber when you are installing hardwood floors. The gouges, nicks and scratches that characterize most old lumber complement the farmhouse style. In addition, your farmhouse floors can be paved with earthen tile, brick or stone. But you should avoid covering the entire floor with a single carpet. Instead, you should score and stain your concrete floor.


Demarcate your seating room using rugs made of sea grass, jute, or natural sisal. Braided rugs add elegance and charm to breakfast rooms and kitchens. To add flair and pattern, use geometric kilims; the flat woven ones will do. You can even create an image of a fake rug with paint on the concrete floor of a glass porch.


Walls and Ceilings

Use flat paint on your walls and plaster ceilings; shiny paint can be used for trim. You may also paint timbered or planked ceilings but they look best in their natural color. Spice up your plain ceilings and walls with bead board. Put it beneath the rail of the dining chairs or use it to make a full panel on the walls of the den, kitchen or mudroom.



Use simple window treatments and avoid the excessive use of long fabric. You can also set up matchstick slats, woven shades of bamboo, or hobbled shades of linen. Include some curtain panels at the base or simply use them alone. Shutters should also be used to add charm and elegance to your kitchen and bathroom.


Mix clean-lined furniture with antique rustic pieces. Avoid the use of heavy carving; however you can add spindles, turned legs, scalloped aprons and curves. Put a rustic iron bed or a pencil post in your bedroom. Then set up a fairly long, planked table and Windsor chairs in your dining room. In your breakfast room or kitchen, put a nice glass-fronted cupboard with a rustic design.

Casual fabrics with timeless-shaped patterns will be ideal for upholstered furniture. Add a pair of soft arm chairs. Cover a standard Lawson sofa with striped cotton fabric. Use patchwork quilt to re-upholster a leggy side chair.



Use lanterns and chandeliers made of bronze, pewter or iron. Create a special touch with a custom built iron fixture made in the shape of a tree with branches. Place iron-based candlestick lamps with paper shades on top of the table. You can even create unique candle holders out salvaged corbels.


Portraits, landscapes and primitives can be used as excellent farmhouse artwork. Add some flair by hanging plates, platters, rugs or quilts. You can even create a sculptural effect by covering an entire wall with ancient farm implements. Or you may hang an old iron gate. Apart from this, you can add modern artwork with bold colors and shapes. These will align perfectly with the clean lines of the standard farmhouse design.


Floors The wood floor is the standard type of floor in the American farmhouse. You can use a dark or light finish but yo...

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