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The Perfect Cottage Style Farmhouse

This week you will be taken on an online tour of our beautiful homes and enjoy some of our spectacular farmhouses. I want to share with you my favorite cottage style farmhouse, the perfect retreat for anyone looking for a pleasant home.

Built in 1875, and located on a dead end street in a small suburb of Chicago, in the vast prairie fields of Illinois, the yellow tint farmhouse sits quietly on a secluded and quiet lot, far from the hectic urban center. The plot features an ideal mix of both worlds, the tranquility of the rural world and the continuous activity of the nearby bustling mega-city.

As soon as you dive in to our serene and peaceful farm, you will be welcomed by Taffy and Stella, our lovely cats that are always on the porch to greet any guest. Walk in through the front door and you will enter a special, cozy place, decorated with freshly cut flowers and mesmerizing selection of house plants. Place your keys on the freshly painted and restored desk. The restored chair was painted and decorated with a lace bow and features a Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Old Ochre which adds a distinct look to the piece. Initially painted in dark hues, the furniture was brought a dark feeling to the space, contrary to my desire, which looked for a more relaxed, airy and optimistic feel.

The living room is right across the entry way and it acts as an foyer for the entire house, and provides a light and bright atmosphere. The covers and elegant textiles cover the ancient furniture in the living room, giving it a touch of warmth, while wonderfully crafted bamboo mats add an exotic feeling to the space. The mats were chosen as an alternative to the area rug and they are very easy to clean and very durable. Right next to the living room is the dining area, and next to it, we have the painted staircase that leads to the second floor. The doorway opens to the laundry room, which is now closed because it is a bit messy.

The stairway receives plenty of light from the oddly placed window, right to the bottom of the landing, while the light blue color adds a more relaxed feel to the space. The walls have a series of Lacecap paints by Martha Stewart which fit perfectly on the lavender background.

The next room that we will visit is the family room, which usually sits next to the kitchen, but we opted to have it right next to the living room. Basically, we have two rooms that can host parties and family reunions without major layout modifications. We love to mingle and chat in the two rooms that work together during our special events. Also, I use the family room as my crafting cabinet, in a corner of the room, and whenever I have guests, I invite them in the living room, so they won’t have to witness the mess. The windows add a distinct feel to the interior, with its roman shades and landscape burlap, which I designed myself. The family room also features one of the bamboo mats, similar to the living room, but has a slightly different pattern.

Stepping into the dining room, which has seen some changes over the years, you can see the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint chairs and table. The lace curtains and the end chairs were bargains that I found at local yard sales and at the church sale. We also have a cottage style dining buffet, decorated with vintage mirrors that I bought from various sources.

I bought this dry sink for $80 at the local antique store and the fragrance from the bee’s balm and dried lavender is absolutely mind-blowing.

The dining room now has an airy and open space feel, but I know that not everyone loves this style. I tried to recreate the cottage style with the bead board on the walls and the open shelving. The kitchen also doesn’t have any upper cabinets and features open shelving above the stove. Considering I am a vegetarian and love to grow my vegetables, I cook a lot and the shelving helps to reach any ingredient. Also, you will be amazed at how easy it is to keep the painted cabinets clean even after long cooking sessions.

This week you will be taken on an online tour of our beautiful homes and enjoy some of our spectacular farmhouses. I wan...

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